• Jennifer

Navigating The Post-Christmas Blues

We’ve sung the carols, opened the presents, rang in the new year, and have packed up all the Christmas decorations. The season of celebrating has ended.

Now what?

We’re coming off the Christmas high. No more Christmas music, Christmas trees, or Christmas cookies.

We’re supposed to go back to life as normal, but it’s cold and dark and I miss the Christmas cheer.

I’m left wondering how to navigate the Post-Christmas Blues.

Embrace The Quietness Of January:

It’s always hard to come back to normal after a season of celebrating, whether that’s Christmas break, a fun vacation, or a long weekend.

It takes extra effort to come to work on Mondays, right?

We like the ease of a holiday and we love celebrating. So what do we do when Monday morning, or as in our current case, when January rolls around?

One way to navigate this season is to embrace the quietness of January.

Remember saying goodbye to one season opens wide the door to the next.

January may not be full of Christmas decorations and colorful cookies, but January comes with just as much Jesus as December.

And maybe in the quietness of January, we will hear Him more clearly.

Bring The Spirit of Celebrating Into the New Year

It’s important to surround myself with things that bring me joy in January. If I’m not mindful of what makes me happy I can easily slip into a funk.

By surrounding myself with things that bring me joy, I am bringing the spirit of celebrating into the new year and combatting those post-Christmas blues.

For me, candles and new planners are one way I celebrate in January. I love the change of a calendar year and candles help me fight some of the icky feelings that come with long, dark evenings.

Anticipation is a hallmark of celebrations. What can you look forward to in January?

Bring your anticipation into the new year.

Do you pick a word for the year?

Study the Scriptures All Year Long

Sometimes we forget that the story of Jesus’ birth is for us to enjoy every day, not just Christmas day. Celebrating God’s mercy and grace towards mankind is a year-round endeavor.

Maybe your Advent devotional has ended, but the story is just beginning.

I think we’re often guilty of saturating ourselves with the Word of God at Christmas time and then when the manger scenes are no longer on display, we begin to neglect time in His Word.

We can navigate the post-Christmas blues by remembering that the same Savior who was laid in a manger as a baby is the same Savior that healed the sick, served the broken, and saved us all.

Every day we can celebrate God giving Himself (three in one) to this broken world.

This is true for us today!

January is dark and cold and a little lackluster if we’re not intentional. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be because you and I have the opportunity to be intentional this month.

We can use the quiet time to meet with God, we can continue to celebrate the gift of hope, peace, joy, and love, and we can remember our Savior born in a manger 365 days a year.

We just have to choose it.

So, tell me how you’re doing? Do you struggle with the post-Christmas blues too? Let me know in the comments how you navigate this season.

P.S. A wonderful friend of mine shared with me a little secret that might be helpful for you. If you are struggling with feeling sad and extra blue during the winter months, you may have a vitamin D deficiency. We’re not spending as much time in the sun as we do in the other months of the year and a simple vitamin D supplement may help to perk you up. (I’m not a doctor, so take this suggestion with a grain of salt.)