• Jennifer

Change Is In The Air

Tomorrow begins one of my favorite months of the year!

I love September for many reasons, but my birthday (September 15th) and the official first day of Fall (September 22nd) are top of the list!

I’m especially excited about this September. Starting next week, We’re beginning a blog series on changing seasons.

I say “we’re” because I’ve invited some friends!

So, this post is going to be a little different. Today, I want to use this space to introduce you to my friends who will be taking over the blog in September. I will still be here in the comments and on the Facebook and Youtube pages, but I have invited my friends to use this blog space to talk about what God has laid on their hearts about changing seasons.

Praying for A Writing Team

In July, I began to pray and think through blog content for the fall. I’m always prayerful about what I write here. I want to be sure that God is leading me and that I’m not just writing on whims. I’m very aware that my words are useless (and potentially harmful) if they are not founded in Truth. I don’t take that lightly! *

*Please, hold up what I say to the Truth of God’s Word! I’m not a scholar and I’m 100% fallible.

In the summer, I began to sense that God was leading me to do a series about seasons and that He was not asking me to write it. This was a job for other ladies. Prayerfully, I reached out to each woman and asked if she would pray about participating in this series.

The women you will hear from in the next few weeks have all prayed about their participation in this series and have also prayed over the words they are offering us.

So let me stop rambling and introduce you to the women of our September series: “It’s Seasonal.”

“It’s Seasonal” Writers:

Chelsey Toulson (Part 1): Chelsey is a new friend. We haven’t even met in person, yet! It’ll happen! I was first introduced to Chelsey’s devotions by a friend of mine who invited me to follow her Facebook page, Rooted by Chelsey Toulson. I quickly became a fan. Literally. I’m one of Chelsey’s “top fans” on Facebook! Haha! Chelsey’s love for Jesus and His Word is contagious. I know you're going to love her words as much as I do. You can find Chelsey on Facebook and subscribe to receive her daily devotions by email here.

Jacki Whiting (Part 2): Jacki and I have known each other for what feels like forever! We probably "officially" met and started our friendship when we were both volunteering at Crossroads Pregnancy Center. Our shared love for Jesus and serving women has kept us together! We don’t get to see each other very often, but when we do get a coffee date, we always pick up where we left off. Jacki writes at One Thing Worthy. You can find her website here. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Lakeshia Poole (Part 3): Lakeshia and I go to church together (or we did pre-COVID). Bless it! Lakeshia is an Author and Writing Coach. I've known of Lakeshia for a while, but it wasn’t until we attend the same Enneagram class that I started to get to know Lakeshia. And we’re still getting to know each other (that class was at the beginning of the year...well, COVID). I love Lakeshia’s wisdom and drive! You can find Lakeshia on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about Lakeshia’s books, classes, and podcast, visit her website here.

Heather Senter (Part 4): Heather is another friend I go way back with. We met while working together in adoption ministry. Heather is one of the most hospitable women I have ever met! I've been a recipient of her hospitality on numerous occasions. Whether it's for an early morning breakfast, a quick lunch, or an afternoon coffee date, Heather makes space in her home for people. When you're with Heather, you know you are really seen and heard.

I can't wait to hear from these women and see what God's going to do through this series!

Let’s Do This!

Be sure to join me here next week (AND ALL MONTH LONG!) as we read what our friends have to say about changing seasons!

Praying God uses every word to draw us closer to Him!

Let’s chat! What season of life are you in right now? Are you experiencing any transitions or changes in this season? What excites you most about Fall?